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Datarek Business Services was established in 2002, mainly for the purpose of helping small businesses whether sole traders, self-employed or a limited company.


Our founder, Dak Kanani, has 40 years of experience working in the industry with various business sizes, from small - under £6m turnover - to medium size businesses – with a turnover of £200 million. He is a very focused individual with a great awareness of clients' needs in finance and admin and is process orientated. Dak's wealth of experience has already helped countless small businesses to grow and improve their financial positions.

For instance, we have helped small companies that have lacked focus in running the business as the owners were constantly overwhelmed with their accounts. They couldn't see the wood for the trees and struggled to grow their business. But with Datarek Business Services as a trusted partner, we have helped them to overcome their issues, focusing their accounts and giving professional advice, resulting in the business thriving and growing from strength to strength.

At Datarek Business Services, we aim to help businesses avoid becoming overwhelmed by paperwork or accounting and issues with authorities. Business owners should be focusing on building their business, not paying suppliers or chasing debts. As a supporting partner, we enable businesses to stay focussed while all the accounting administration, dealing with authorities like HMRC and Companies House, sales invoicing, debt collection, and paying suppliers is handled by us. We work in the background so that new businesses can focus on establishing themselves and build their presence in the community locally or nationally.

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